CD, NFSROOT and expiring DHCP lease

Thomas Lange lange at
Thu Apr 29 12:04:20 CEST 2021

>>>>> On Thu, 29 Apr 2021 21:21:06 +1200, Andrew Ruthven <andrew at> said:

    > Dracut acts as a DHCP client, but is a single shot only. Once the
    > lease expires nothing on the machine building rebuilt renews
    > it.
Hi Andrew,

you are right, in FAI the kernel (or maybe the initrd) configures the
IP addresses and sets valid_lft and preferred_lft to forever.
Then a one-shot dhcp request is done, but with a different config and
dhcp script to write the file boot.log.
FAI does not start the dhclient to automatic renew the ip leases. This
is a bug.

    > Is there an approach so that ISO images created with fai-cd perform
    > DHCP lease renewals?
As a workaround, you could write a hook, that starts dhclient.
Since the hooks are on the ISO and will be executed, this should work
until I release a new FAI version with a fix.
It would be nice if you could file a bug report for this.

viele Grüße Thomas

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