AW: AW: fai-make-nfsroot failing (was: AW: fai-make-nfsroot failing with dracut version 050+35-2)

Thomas Lange lange at
Mon May 18 17:05:30 CEST 2020

>>>>> On Mon, 18 May 2020 14:25:06 +0000, Frank Morawietz <Frank.Morawietz at> said:

    > There is no FAI newer than this in the Debian default repos, right?
    > Do I need to add the  repos to get a newer version?
Have a look at
Debian stable has 5.8.4, but the fai-project repos for buster has
5.9.4 and also the dracut packages.

    > Are  dracut-live  and  dracut-squash  part of the newer FAI release? I can't find them in the Debian standard repos.

They are not part of a FAI release, but included in the repositories. Your fai-make-nfsroot log show, that you
are using the correct repos inside the nfsroot.

regards Thomas

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