fai-make-nfsroot failing (was: AW: fai-make-nfsroot failing with dracut version 050+35-2)

Frank Morawietz Frank.Morawietz at merckgroup.com
Fri May 15 15:48:16 CEST 2020

Dear all,

I am currently installing a brand new FAI server on Debian buster (10.4) with FAI 5.9.4 from the Debian repos.

Following the FAI guide, currently at chapter 4.2 "Create the nfsroot".
When  fai-setup  is calling  fai-make-nfsroot , several errors are logged.
I can fix most of them from inside the  nfsroot  manually. But there remains one that I could not fix yet:

Dracut is missing the 'livenet' module and therefor fails to create the initrd.
I re-ran  fai-make-nfsroot , re-installed all Dracut packages and much more. Nothing helped.

Actually, there is no  /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/90livenet/, where I would expect livenet, inside the nfsroot.
I installed 'apt-file' inside the nfsroot and found that the package  dracut-network  is supposed to supply this very path.
But if I download the  dracut-network_050+35-4_all.deb  package I can check with "dpkg -c" that it does not contain it.

How do I get the livenet module for Dracut?

Is this a FAI topic at all or is it a Debian problem?

Sounds similar to the mail I am replying to, but any versions involved are more recent.

Thanks for any advice,
Frank Morawietz

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Betreff: fai-make-nfsroot failing with dracut version 050+35-2

We saw problems when creating the nfsroot with the new dracut version
050+35-2 in the fai-project.org package repository.
You need at least fai 5.9.2 which detects if the new package
dracut-live exists and properly sets up the nfsroot.
regards Thomas

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