minor inconsistencies in the example fai-config space

andrew bezella abezella at archive.org
Fri Mar 6 00:10:19 CET 2020

hello -

i've been going over the simple fai-config space that is provided as an
 example and wanted to mention a few bits that (imho) might be
misleading / confusing to a new user.  some or all of them may just be
a matter of taste or perspective.

* in `scripts/FAIBASE/10-misc` there is a modification of `/etc/fstab`:
# use tmpfs for /tmp
ainsl /etc/fstab "tmpfs     /tmp tmpfs     nodev,nosuid,size=50%,mode=1777   0    0"

since `setup-storage` manages most of the disk layout this seems out of
place and (if there is a `/tmp` defined in the host's `disk_config`)
can lead to warnings at boot time:
[   98.231505] systemd-fstab-generator[8525]: Failed to create mount unit file /run/systemd/generator/tmp.mount, as it already exists. Duplicate entry in /etc/fstab?

* `scripts/UBUNTU/90-apt` contains a number of locale-related lines,
most of which were committed as a "fix for setting locale for
Ubuntu"[1].  these also seem a little out of place in a file named `90-
apt` and if this is related to ubuntu bug #1598326 (which i know
impacted xenial/16.04) then the updatebase hook from https://lists.uni-
koeln.de/pipermail/linux-fai/2016-July/011398.html seems like a cleaner
fix (although this is almost certainly a matter of opinion).  i am not
currently seeing any locale issues w/xenial using the hook and having
pulled the locale-related bits out of `scripts/UBUNTU/90-apt`.  (i
haven't confirmed this on more recent releases yet)

* `scripts/UBUNTU/91-misc` is all gnome-related.  perhaps it would be
better positioned as `scripts/GNOME/91-misc` with an `ifclass -o DEBIAN
UBUNTU` wrapper?

thank you for all the time and effort that goes into FAI!


1. https://github.com/faiproject/fai-config/commit/d6458edd470bf0012e323e16c263c3f4fdc5e894

andrew bezella <abezella at archive.org>
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