/etc/hosts in scripts/FAIBASE/10-misc

andrew bezella abezella at archive.org
Tue Mar 3 21:28:52 CET 2020

hello -

it looks like with the example simple fai-config space there is
something of a no-op in how `scripts/FAIBASE/10-misc` interacts with
`lib/subroutines` with respect to `/etc/hosts`.

in `lib/subroutines` the installing system's `/etc/hosts` is copied
into the target and its original is backed up to `/etc/hosts.orig`.[1] 
then later in `scripts/FAIBASE/10-misc` some modifications are made to
the target's `/etc/hosts` based on the `IPADDR` variable and the
`DHCPC` class.  but immediately following these changes the `.orig`
file (which afaict will always exist) is moved back into place.[2]

i'm not 100% sure what the intent is.  perhaps the solution is just to
move the `IPADDR`/`DHCPC`-related modifications below the `mv` and/or
`fcopy` lines?  i can submit this change if so...



1. https://github.com/faiproject/fai/blob/fd839d5e65382d09b0c92e56eb96177708e66be7/lib/subroutines#L1078
2. https://github.com/faiproject/fai-config/blob/7663f5eca298c3da26b0e59336c8be4174bdefb6/scripts/FAIBASE/10-misc#L20

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