Network interface renaming fails

andrew bezella abezella at
Thu Jun 4 20:44:46 CEST 2020

On Thu, 2020-06-04 at 18:22 +0000, Michael S. Kriss wrote:
> During install of a fai client I'm getting:
> systemd-udevd: eth0: failed to rename network interface 2 from 'eth0'
> to 'enp2s0f0': Device or resource busy
> After rebooting newly installed client the rename from eth to enp is
> successful which causes networking not to be enabled due to
> /etc/network/interfaces looking for eth0 as the networking device.

hello -

i see these in my `error.log` for installs, too.  on reboot, however,
these hosts are successfully booting with systemd's "predictably named"
interface managed via `/etc/network/interfaces.d` (ubuntu 16.04 / fai

> Any ideas why the rename fails during install but is successful on
> reboot?  How to fix this in fai setup?

if you want to transition to the systemd naming scheme, i would suggest
starting by looking in your config space, particularly
`scripts/DEBIAN/30-interface` as it compares to https://raw.githubuserc 
if you have updated the fai packages but not examined upstream's fai-
config scripts/hooks/etc. you may find the solution there.

if you want to avoid the systemd interface naming, some solutions that
could be implemented can be found at



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