Build Problems on a Dell r340

Bill MacAllister bill at
Mon Jul 13 17:59:21 CEST 2020

On 2020-07-11 00:47, Thomas Lange wrote:
>>>>>> On Fri, 10 Jul 2020 11:16:57 -0700, Bill MacAllister 
>>>>>> <bill at> said:
>     > I am trying to build a Dell r340 with an h310 perc controller 
> using FAI
>     > 5.9.4
>     > with a Buster nfsroot.  There are two disks configured on the 
> h310 as a
>     > RAID1.
>     > The system is configured to do a BIOS boot.  The FAI build fails 
> because
>     > there
>     > is no disk visible.  That is when I do an lsblk not devices are
>     > displayed.
> FAI is looking into /proc/partitions. It seems that the kernel does
> not detect your disks. Do you know which kernel driver needs to be
> loaded?
> Have you tried to build a nfsroot with a backports kernel?

Just checked and confirmed that I installed the backports kernel in the 
nfs roots.  And then I confirmed that I did something wrong when I setup 
the serial consoles and cannot access them.  I won't be able to work on 
this again until I go back into the work and correct my mistake.  Thanks 
for the quick response.


Bill MacAllister <bill at>

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