FAI_BASEFILEURL and trailing slash

andrew bezella abezella at archive.org
Tue Feb 11 20:28:15 CET 2020

hello -

this is mainly a note for the list archive on a new-to-me corner case
and maybe a request to update some documentation.

after upgrading my nfsroot from jessie to buster (with its accompanying
change to lftp) i noticed that there was now a "Password:" prompt when
getting the list of all basefiles from a password-protected directory
over https in task_extrbase.  

the issue appears to have been that since my $FAI_BASEFILEURL (the url
includes user:pass) didn't have a trailing slash, nginx was issuing a
301 from /fai/basefiles to /fai/basefiles/ in response to lftp's `cls`.
 and for some reason buster's lftp puts up a prompt in that situation.

in most places the documentation includes a trailing slash but it could
be updated for consistency in e.g., https://wiki.fai-project.org/index.
php/Variables and https://fai-project.org/fai-guide.html#_a_id_c3_a_the



andrew bezella <abezella at archive.org>
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