5.9.3 - concurrent dirinstall problem

andrew bezella abezella at archive.org
Sat Apr 18 01:23:13 CEST 2020

hello -

i've been hitting a problem where running two simultaneous dirinstalls
results in one of the /usr/sbin/fai processes (the last to finish)
exiting w/an error code of 1.  this naturally causes our wrapper script
to believe that the install has failed.

in the end, it looks like it is a result of the last few lines:
    355 [ -L "/var/run/fai/current_config" ] && rm -f "/var/run/fai/current_config"
    357 exit $final_exit_code

since it is uninitialized and there were no errors in the install
itself, `$final_exit_code` is unset.  *however*, in the case of
concurrent installs the `-L` test fails for any run after the first-
completed as `/var/run/fai/current_config` has been already been
removed.  i believe this leads to the non-zero `exit` (cf. bash(1)).

in earlier versions this was masked by an `echo` immediately preceding
the `exit` but that was removed in commit a3946b9.

it looks like initializing `$final_exit_code` resolves this problem. 
i've submitted a PR with this change.

thank you!


andrew bezella <abezella at archive.org>
internet archive

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