potential patch to check-cross-arch

Matteo Guglielmi Matteo.Guglielmi at dalco.ch
Wed Oct 9 17:40:02 CEST 2019

This script:


fails (line 36: info=$(file $_ls)) on openSUSE

and Suse Linux Enterprise systems because:

/bin/ls is a symlink to /usr/bin/ls

Here is the section of code that fails:

# where is the ls command
if [ -f $target/bin/ls ]; then
elif [ -f $target/usr/bin/ls ]; then
    echo "Cannot find ls command in $target"
    exit 3

info=$(file $_ls)

because [ -f /i/am/a/symlink ] evaluates to true

causing 'file $_ls' to fail.

This is the simple patch on line 36 I always use:

info=$(file $target$(readlink -m $_ls))

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