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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply and tip. This was actually the first issue that I 
had... I had forgot to change disk_config. This is what I currently have 
in my disk_config:

disk_config nvme0n1 disklabel:gpt bootable:1 fstabkey:uuid

primary /boot/efi 512 vfat rw
primary /boot  2048      ext4  rw
primary -      4096-   -     -

and then the rest is configuring LVM.
In looking at the client system when the install is running I do see 
that both /boot and /boot/efi are mounted.

As Thomas pointed out though, and I confirmed, /sys/firmware/efi is not 
present on the client or in /target on the client.  I believe this is my 
next hurdle.


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I suspect you do not have a "vfat" partition as required for UEFI. Something like this in disk_config should do the trick:

disk_config disk1 disklabel:gpt bootable:1 fstabkey:uuid
primary /boot/efi     512M     vfat      rw
primary /             8192-    ext4      rw,errors=remount-ro createopts="-L root"
primary swap          RAM:100% swap      sw                   createopts="-L swap"

I may be forgetting another step, but hopefully this will be a step in the right direction for you.

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