Install RHEL8/CentOS 8

Daniel Liikamaa daniel.liikamaa at
Fri Nov 15 16:04:02 CET 2019

I'm trying to get FAI to install RHEL 8 with local mirrored repos.
I seem to have struck a wall, mostly because I don't understand what's 
going on behind the curtains.
Currently, I get a system that will boot up until it's supposed to mount 
the root file system, then it drops to emergency shell, telling me that 
there's no support for ext4 in my initramfs. I just copied the CentOS 7 
files in the configuration, but it seems like there's more to it.
Has anyone successfully installed CentOS 8 or RHEL 8 with fai, and care 
to share any tips and tricks?

Best regards,

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