fcopy resolv.conf in task_repository

Schulz, Reiner R.Schulz at dvz-mv.de
Wed Jan 24 10:43:44 CET 2018

Hi Thomas,

In subroutines/task_repository you fcopy /etc/resolv.conf. 
It is possible to omit this?

While installing Debian 9 (with a Debian 8 FAI server) the installing client is in a extra subnet, with its own nameserver. After install is finished the client goes to production subnet, with another nameserver.

In task_confdir the resolv.conf of the FAI Server is copied to the installing client, that fine for us.
We fcopy the production resolv.conf with the LAST class.

For now I copied the task_repository into a hook "repository.DEBIAN_9" and remove the resolv.conf part. But I dont like that hack.


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