FAI 5.5.1 released

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.uni-koeln.de
Thu Jan 18 17:37:00 CET 2018

The new FAI 5.5.1 version is now available. Here are some of the
changes: fcopy -S which does variable substitution in the form of
{%varname%} now also executes a preinst script if available. You can
now create ISO images greater 4GB. Syncing software raid devices
during installation is now disabled, which speeds up the installation
for soft raid setups a lot.

I managed to disable the question for each new user which xfce panel
to use (empty or default). This was hard work to find out and there's
no tool or easy config option to set in XFCE. It seems that the
desktop developers do not think about automation like we sysadmin do
all day long.

Finally, the script fai-mirror can now handle backports
repositories. I will use this feature for creating FAI CD's for Debian
stable using a kernel from backports in the future.
I plan to extend the FAI.me service https://fai-project.org/FAIme
so you can build your own customized installation image with a
backports kernel or other packages from backports.

The new FAI packages are also available for stretch using this line in

	deb https://fai-project.org/download stretch koeln

regards Thomas

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