Use of /dev/disk/by-path/... in disk_config?

Thomas Lange lange at
Thu Jan 18 14:19:24 CET 2018

>>>>> On Thu, 18 Jan 2018 14:09:49 +0100, Steffen Grunewald <steffen.grunewald at> said:

    > Thanks. Since the "find" command returns an unsorted list, how do you make sure
    > you get the right order?
I do not care, since I only match on the model type of the disk, not
exactly which disk. You could use the serial number, or use the
by-path directory.

    > Am I correct that "disk1" maps to the first item in the disklist, and so on?

    > Between setting up the machine with FAI, and the reboot after maintenance,
    > the number of external JBOD disks may have changed. (Cable failure?)
    > Will md devices use the modified device names?
I do not know. But I'm pretty sure that md uses some uuid on the
partitions of the disks to assembly the md device.

    > BTW, can I mix absolute and relative sizes (as in "500G-100%")?
Yes. IIRC internally we convert everything to blocks.

    > Ah, OK... for now, partition and mountdisks hooks may do the trick...
Yes, hooks always do the trick ;-)

I guess it would be fine if you could publish your zfs hooks here on
the list. Others may be interested in them.
regards Thomas

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