Installation FAI Server behind Proxy

Christian Meyer c2h5oh at
Sat May 20 23:03:11 CEST 2017

Am Freitag, den 19.05.2017, 15:55 +0000 schrieb c.monty at
> I want to install FAI Server on VMWare.
> For network access I need to use a proxy.
> Therefore I have configured file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/80HttpProxy accordingly:
> Acquire::http::Proxy "http://proxy:8080";

This file is for apt running on your FAI-server. So only apt uses it for
upgrading your fai-server.

> However, when I run "fai-setup -v" the installation ends in this step:
> Err:1 stretch InRelease
>   Could not connect to (, connection timed out
> Obviously the installation tries to fetch packages from the internet, but it's not using a proxy and therefore fails.
> Basically the question is about: how do I install FAI server behind a proxy?

You want fai-setup to use your proxy. You must tell fai-setup to do so:

I'm using apt-cacher-ng on my fai-server (fai-server:3142) which is
configured to use my companys proxy (with the
file /etc/apt-cacher-ng/acng.conf).
Probably you have to modify my config.

These are the two files where you can put your [companys|acng]-proxy in:

1. /etc/fai/nfsroot.conf 
# "<suite> <mirror>" for debootstrap

2. /etc/fai/apt/sources.list
deb stretch main contrib non-free
deb stretch/updates main
contrib non-free

Good luck

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