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Hello Dennis,

we also had to change things like order and name of our network devices, which we solved using a udev rule. You cound write a role which changes to name from ens160[...] to eth0 and so on.

Details can be found under .

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Betreff: Interface Naming inside nfsroot
Datum: 2017-03-14T11:21:50+0100
Von: "Dennis Steinmann" <dsteinmann at>
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Hi there,

I'm using FAI 5.0.3 on an Ubuntu 16.04 machine with a Debian 8 nfsroot.
My problem is to setup the interface for the installed system correctly.

When I boot the nfsroot, all interfaces named eth[0-9]*. The variable
"$NIC1" is also set to eth0. The script "30-interface" is doing this:

[ -n "$IPADDR" ] && cat > $target/etc/network/interfaces <<-EOF
	# generated by FAI
	auto lo $NIC1
	iface lo inet loopback
	iface $NIC1 inet static
	  address $IPADDR
	  netmask $NETMASK
	  gateway $GATEWAYS

When I boot the installed systems (CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 16.04), I have
eno16777984 (CentOS 7) or ens160 (Ubuntu) instead of eth0.

What is the best solution to handle different interface names?
I want to keep the "OS-default" names, like eno[0-9]* in CentOS 7 and
ens[0-9]* in Ubuntu.

Thanks & best regards,

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