Problem with offline installation using USB flash drive

Giorgio Buffa at
Mon Jul 24 09:11:35 CEST 2017

Hello list,

I would like to create a USB flash drive to be used for offline installation
of my clients (i.e. no Internet/Intranet access, hence all files/packages
required should be stored in and retrieved from the USB memory itself).


I followed the instruction in the FAI guide [1], using "fai-mirror(1)" and
"fai-cd(1)", and everything was ok (I was able to create the image to be
copied into the USB stick). BTW, during the installation I see that packages
are downloaded from Internet, which it is not what I want.


I suppose the problem is my updatebase hook, which sets the content of
"$target/etc/apt/sources.list" to "deb jessie main


How can I told that hook that "If doing an installation via USB flash drive
use the packages stored in the drive itself, otherwise grab them from
Internet"? In general, is there a better way to do that? How do you perform
offline installation?


Thank you for your support and best regards,

Giorgio B.



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