Hooks not working with 4.3.1?

Bob Apodaca bob at phxlab.honeywell.com
Fri Jan 29 16:33:26 CET 2016

Brilliant! It worked just as you suggested. Thanks!

On 01/29/2016 12:21 AM, Carsten Aulbert wrote:
> Hi Bob
> On 01/28/2016 08:31 PM, Bob Apodaca wrote:
>> I can run the script with an interactive shell and it works. Any ideas?
> If I recall correctly, FAI is using run-parts with the "LSB" option,
> i.e. your script name does not match the expected regexps:
> "
> If the --lsbsysinit option is given, then the names must not end in
> .dpkg-old  or .dpkg-dist or .dpkg-new or .dpkg-tmp, and must belong to
> one  or more   of   the   following   namespaces:   the
> LANANA-assigned   namespace   (^[a-z0-9]+$);   the   LSB  hierarchical
> and  reserved  namespaces (^_?([a-z0-9_.]+-)+[a-z0-9]+$); and the Debian
> cron script namespace (^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+$).
> "
> Can you try renaming it to 10-script and check again?
> Carsten

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