Copying misc. files to target system

Aaron Hall aaron.hall at
Fri Jan 15 17:34:42 CET 2016

Hello. :)

I need to install some standalone .deb files (made with alien) on the
target system during installation. Right now, I am putting the files
into /var/tmp in the nfsroot, and during installation I have a script
that does:

    cp /var/tmp/tsm-debs/*deb $target/tmp/
    $ROOTCMD dpkg -i /tmp/gskcrypt32_8.0-15.6_i386.deb \
                     /tmp/gskssl32_8.0-15.6_i386.deb \
                     /tmp/tivsm-api_6.2.5-1_i386.deb \

The custom configs are installed with fcopy as usual. I have the feeling
that I'm overlooking a better way to do this. Am I?


Aaron Hall <aaron.hall at>
Asst. Systems & Network Administrator
Washburn University ITS

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