btrfs on top of luks?

Ian Kelling ian at
Sat Jan 2 04:46:36 CET 2016

Doesn't seem to be supported in 5.0.1, but we should support it,

# start disk config
disk_config sda disklabel:gpt-bios bootable:1 fstabkey:uuid
primary /boot 500 ext4 rw
primary swap 2048 swap sw
primary - 0- - -

disk_config cryptsetup
luks:"test" - /dev/sda3 - -

disk_config btrfs fstabkey:uuid
btrfs single / sda3 noatime,subvol=@/
# end disk config

In the end of the format.log:

(CMD) mkfs.btrfs -d single  -f /dev/sda3 1> /tmp/gLiXor74AQ 2>
Executing: mkfs.btrfs -d single  -f /dev/sda3
(STDERR) Error: unable to open /dev/sda3: Device or resource busy
(STDERR) Error: unable to open /dev/sda3: Device or resource busy
Command had non-zero exit code

I tried replacing sda3 in the btrfs line with various things like
crypt_dev_sda3, dm-0, those give errors saying
"Cannot satisfy pre-depends"

Also tried btrfs on lvm, no go there either.

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