Build install kernel & Client with verifiable repos

Thomas Lange lange at
Wed Oct 21 13:17:35 CEST 2015

>>>>> On Wed, 21 Oct 2015 13:12:31 +0300, Toomas Tamm <tt-fai at> said:

    >> > sure if I want to add the FAI project repository by default, I need to 
    >> > think on this topic for some more time.

    > I would argue against adding any external sources as default. I am a big
    > supporter of the "Debian way" of not replacing packages with newer
    > versions over the lifetime of a release (I know, there are a small
    > number of exceptions). 
You are right. I will not add the fai-project repository by
default. Even I recommend to use the newest FAI version when a newbie
starts with FAI, will do not like to force people to upgrade to a new
version, just because I've put a new FAI version into the FAI projects

For example, currently the jessie branch of the FAI projects
repository contains FAI 4.3.3. The next version for jessie will be 5.0
and I do not like to force people to use this version, unless they
have enabled this repo on their own.

Thanks for helping me with this decision.

regards Thomas

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