Kerim Gueney kgueney at uni-koeln.de
Sat Oct 17 16:17:58 CEST 2015

I have had that problem myself before. AFAIK it's not directly related 
to FAI but Ubuntu's installer. At the time I asked around on their IRC 
channel and was told to boot into liveboot and delete the partitions 
manually using some partition tool (e.g. gparted) and attempt the 
install after doing so.

On 10/17/2015 11:36 AM, linux service wrote:
> I am installing ubuntu clients with fai using this HDD_SINGLE disk config:
> # Standard client formatting using setup-storage
> #
> # <type> <mountpoint> <size> <fs type> <mount options> <misc options>
> disk_config disk1 disklabel:msdos bootable:1
> primary / 90% ext4 rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro
> primary - 10% swap sw
> After a succesfull installation, when someone wants to install ubuntu 
> with a usb stick or cd on that pc , they getting an error in their 
> installer disk config : cannot make ext4 partition.

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