install to usb mass storage

Konrad, Martin konrad at
Wed Jun 17 17:48:38 CEST 2015

Hi Thomas,
> The problem is now fixed. Since the class/*.sources scripts are
> executed in a subshell, you have to use $LOGDIR/additional.var for
> defining (or redefining) variables.
Unfortunately this does not fix the issue completely for me. Digging a 
bit deeper revealed that /proc/partitions does list my USB disk ("sda") 
but [1] removes it since it has group "floppy". I made sure I have "USB 
Mass storage emulation type" set to "Hard disk" in the BIOS 
configuration, though. I'm not sure how the kernel determines if a 
device is "disk" or "floppy"...

Modifying line [1] to accept both "disk" and "floppy" works. Yes, it's 
ugly but I'm not expecting to install any machines that have real floppy 
drives so I guess I should be safe.




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