install to usb mass storage

Konrad, Martin konrad at
Wed Jun 10 19:23:51 CEST 2015

I'm experiencing the same problem as Natxo reported on 12 Mar 2013. I'm 
trying to install an industrial CPU card using an SD card as disk 
(requires module usb_storage to be loaded).

Adding "usb_storage" to $kernelmodules in class/20-hwdetect.source does 
NOT solve my problem. Adding a couple of test lines to 50-host-classes I 
still get the following results:

/proc/partitions contains:

"major minor  #blocks  name

    8        0   30981120 sda"

However $disklist is empty. It is also empty in /tmp/fai/variables.log 
after FAI failed.

Where does FAI fill $disklist?



P.S.: I'm running FAI 4.3.2+wheezy1.

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