Updated installation instructions for Ubuntu

Robert Markula robert at markula.org
Sun Sep 28 20:21:54 CEST 2014

Hi René,

thanks for the tip with NFS! I tested it thoroughly - also in production
- and it works, as you described. The Wiki has been updated to contain
this new information.



Am 23.09.2014 um 08:55 schrieb René Bleisch:
> Hi Robert,
> thanks a lot!
> I just went over your new wiki page.
> I will test it, when I find some time.
> Small note concerning problems with NFS v4 in NFS section:
> When switching my FAI server from Debian squeeze to wheezy, I had also
> much trouble with NFSv4 (exports, idmapd)...
> Finally I got it to work without creating a "dummy directory", I just
> had to give a different fsid to each export:
> ...
> /srv/fai/config
> /srv/fai/nfsroot
> /srv/fai/config_squeeze
> /srv/fai/config_ubuntu
> ...
> This setup works fine on my wheezy server for squeeze, wheezy and
> Ubuntu trusty clients
> Regards
> René

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