use encryption+authentication during configuring clients?

Jan Bredereke jan.bredereke at
Mon Sep 22 09:35:10 CEST 2014

Hi Toomas,

Am 19.09.2014 schrieb Toomas Tamm:
> > As for the initial installation process, I suppose it cannot be
> > secured fully. You would have to transfer the crypto keys to the
> > clients without using the network, i.e., manually. As far as I have
> > seen, FAI does not provide mechanisms for this.
> Please have a look at the list archives - this has been discussed
> several times over recent years.
> The bottom line is that a fully automatic transfer of secrets (eg
> passwords) over an uncontrolled network seems impossible.

I had already done a quick search there, with the result you
describe. But I hoped that there could be something new or something
I missed.

> Imagine an
> attacker impersonating one of your clients, for example. FAI would
> perform an installation onto the attacker's hardware, which he can later
> analyze and learn the secrets. Other types of attacks can be thought of
> as subsets of this.
> However, users have come up with "nearly secure" solutions which can be
> used without physical access to the clients. One is setting up a key
> provider and logging all attempts to access it. Normally you know the
> times when installations occur, so you can later account for all key
> request attempts and map them to individual installations (successful or
> failed). In case of any suspicious entries in the logs, just repeat the
> installation with new keys.

Hey, that is a clever idea. In principle, this defence can be
fooled, too, but the effort would be quite high. You need a
permanent, custom-tailored capability to monitor and intercept
(MITM) the network traffic in order to pull off an attack.

> Of course, if you have physical access or can establish out-of-band
> communication with the client (such as plugging in a USB stick or CD),
> you can use these to provide any necessary secrets.

Yes. However, everything discussed is not part of stock FAI anymore,
so you would have to roll your own extension.


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