Can a hook abort a FAI install?

Steffen Grunewald Steffen.Grunewald at
Mon Sep 15 10:19:31 CEST 2014

On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 10:29:04AM +1200, Andrew Ruthven wrote:
> Hey,
> Is it possible to make an install abort from within a hook? Looking at
> the code it doesn't seem obvious.

What would "abort" mean? Leave the PXE boot file in place, and just
sit there and wait? Shut down? 

A couple of years I had to "reboot" inside a hook when it detected
the wrong RAID configuration (after fixing that, of course) - to get
the hw detection read the right disk names for the install. I can't
see a reason why a shutdown wouldn't work as well - you'd lose the
install log though. Of course you may make the hook run into a loop 
of beeps suggesting to ssh into the machine, and check the last lines 
of fai.log ... depends on your environment (beeps are hardly audible
if there are 100s of other machine humming next to this one).

> I've added a hook for extrbase to check and make sure if a require
> basefile is present (namely Ubuntu ones if we're building an Ubuntu
> box), and if not present it'll spit an error. Ideally I'd just abort the
> install.

Doesn't extrbase do such a check itself, and throw an error code
which can be seen on faimond's output?

- S

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