No atapi cdrom found

Thierry Ranson thierry.ranson at
Tue Dec 23 09:37:22 CET 2014

Yes but after this i would probably have to edit the ISO of the fai
installation to include the right driver and I haven't managed to do this.
If I could just create a new FAI CD it would be just great.

2014-12-22 15:37 GMT+01:00 Thomas Lange <lange at>:

> >>>>> On Mon, 22 Dec 2014 15:30:23 +0100, Thierry Ranson <
> thierry.ranson at> said:
>     > The thing is I've already installed the same kernel with the same
> cdrom (ide cdrom I just add when I need to since I don't need it after
> install) . The mother board was different though...
> Different mother board means different hardware, for e.g. different
> chipset which may have different ATA controllers. You can use lspci to
> check some hardware infos.
> --
> regards Thomas
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