Error message after installing via fai-cd before reboot with UBUNTU

Fabian Hartmann fabian.hartmann at
Mon Dec 1 11:18:23 CET 2014

Hi list

I'm trying to setup a Ubuntu Linux with fai-cd.
To configure my faiserver I used the wiki page from to do the right changes for ubuntu.

I also have implemented the script UBUNTU/05-initramfs mentioned by Robert Markula in another thread of this list.

error=0 ; trap "error=$((error|1))" ERR

# Apt-Pinning for initramfs-tools
fcopy -v /etc/apt/preferences.d/initramfs.pref

# Remove the FAI apt source
$ROOTCMD rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/fai.list

# Refresh the sources
$ROOTCMD apt-get update

# Downgrade to initramfs-tools from the Ubuntu repository
echo "* Downgrade initramfs-tools"
$ROOTCMD apt-get -y --force-yes install initramfs-tools

# Install all packages that have been removed
# by the FAI-specific initramfs-tools package
# e.g. console-setup
echo "* Install ubuntu-minimal"
$ROOTCMD apt-get -y install ubuntu-minimal

# Print the version of the now installed initramfs-tools (optional)
echo "* Version of initramfs-tools:"
$ROOTCMD dpkg -s initramfs-tools

exit $error

The installation process is completed, but I get an error from mv : inter-device move failed : /tmp/rebootCD to /target/tmp/rebootCD : unable to remove target : read-only file system
Thus, the reboot has to be done by reseting the machine, which is ok but not so nice...

Has anybody already seen this error message or an idea what could cause this error?
I don't understand why /target should be suddenly unwriteable as everything in setup process seems to work.

Best regards

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