fai-make-nfsroot fails

Michael Pfeiffer pfeiffml at iis.fhg.de
Thu Feb 14 16:37:38 CET 2013

Hi again,

thanks Wolfgang, but no, I'm afraid that didn't help. What do you mean 
by "different kernel versions and use dracut"? I'm not aware of where I 
might be screwing up with multiple kernel versions...

@Thomas: I don't know how to get the fai-make-nfsroot to use the dracut 
package 020-2. Where would I define that? (I could chroot 
/srv/fai/nfsroot aptitude... but it looks like that is overwritten 
anyhow when I call fai-make-nfsroot the next time.)

I'm really confused about a bunch of things regarding the configuration 
for the nfsroot setup.

Which sources should be used for a setup on ubuntu 12.04 LTS (and 
minimum trouble ;)?

Right now, my /etc/apt/sources.list contains the ubuntu precise sources 
that were here before my attempt to fai, and fai-project.org/download 
wheezy koeln. Would it be smarter to use deb 
http://ppa.launchpad.net/fai/ubuntu lucid main ?

What do I really have to edit? NFSROOT, nfsroot.conf, fai.conf...?

Puh, fai really has a steep learning curve...
Kind regards


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