move basefiles out of config space

Rudy Gevaert Rudy.Gevaert at
Wed Mar 21 11:19:38 CET 2012


I was wondering what the best would be to move the extra basefiles out 
of the config space.

We have put our config space in a subversion repository.  We have also 
put some basefiles into it.  This gives us two 'problems':
*) checkout of the config space takes some time because of these big files
*) we need to increase the ram of the machine during the installation 
because of these big files that are in 99% not necessary.

I am thinking of putting the basefiles in a nfsroot (could be the 
install nfsroot).  Where do I need add some magic to tell FAI to look in 
a different dir for the baseimages?

The extrbase hook?  Or is there a better place?

Thanks for any pointer!

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