FAI installation with grml kernel fails

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Mon Mar 5 15:21:16 CET 2012


i (successfully) did a FAI install for ubuntu 12.04 precise.

but there is a caveat: as the generic kernel that comes with this ubuntu
release does not support aufs anymore, i had to use the grml kernel
(3.1.0-grml64). this kernel did not assign my disks to root:disk (as FAI
expects in order to find the disks for partitioning) but to root:root.
this way setup-storage fails and FAI ends up in the BusyBox.

i did submit the problem on launchpad:

the workaround was to manually chown the disks to root:disk in a FAI script.

not sure if this is a grml problem or one that should be fixed in FAI.

best regards

Hiro Protagonist

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