LOGUSER feature

Andreas B. Mundt andi.mundt at web.de
Wed Feb 29 21:32:01 CET 2012


I try to get the LOGUSER-feature working as described in fai.conf:

# LOGUSER: an account on the install server which saves all log-files
# and which can change the kernel that is booted via network.
# Configure .rhosts for this account and PAM, so that root can log in
# from all install clients without password. This account should have
# write permissions for /srv/tftp/fai. For example, you can use write
# permissions for the group linuxadm. chgrp linuxadm
# /srv/tftp/fai;chmod
# g+w /srv/tftp/fai. If the variable is undefined, this feature is
# disabled.
# Define it, to enable it, eg. LOGUSER=fai

The user is created by faisetup and .ssh/ is setup correctly in the
nfsroot.  However, with /bin/false as login shell in /etc/passwd scp
and thelike seems to fail.

Does anybody use this feature successfully?  Or has /etc/passwd to be

Best regards


PS.: I think about using the LOGUSER to distribute my keytabs,
     cf. last paragraph in

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