How to prevent new installations when I have already installed my client through LAN boot?

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Thu Feb 9 03:08:46 CET 2012

2012/2/6 Ivan Reche <ivan.reche at>

> 2012/2/6 Andreas Schockenhoff <asc at>
>> Dear Ivan,
>> Am Sonntag, den 05.02.2012, 20:41 -0200 schrieb Ivan Reche:
>> > I'm using FAI to automatically install Debian Squeeze in a laptop of
>> > mine. I've been able to do everything that I wanted by reading the
>> > documentation, except for one thing: every time the installation
>> > finishes (and the system reboots automatically, as I ask it to), the
>> > recently installed client boots again through the LAN (as expected)
>> > but begins the installation process again (something that I want to
>> > avoid).
>> > Is there an automatic way to make the client prevent itself from
>> > reinstalling after the first install? I want it to install itself
>> > again only if needed using the fai-chboot program, but not every time.
>> I use a different way: I have the hard disk as first boot device and
>> after deleting the hard disk with dd. Next reboot the BIOS skip the hard
>> disk and a fai netboot installs a new system.
>> Some BIOS also have a key to select the boot device from list.
>> regards Andreas
> How come I haven't thought about this? lol
> Thanks for the tips. However, I'm gonna try the hook way of doing things
> as I might need them afterwards.
I've studied the proposed script but I can't seem to use it because ssh
won't authenticate without interaction from the user. I've read somewhere
that FAI should generate the keys needed to use ssh without password
authentication automatically, but I couldn't find anything related to this
in the documentation.

Does someone knows if it is possible to execute ssh commands in the server
from an installation client? That would solve this issue for me.

Thanks in advance.
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