runing fai softupdate on 'fai dirinstall'-ation

Thomas Neumann blacky+fai at
Wed Feb 1 12:11:55 CET 2012

> Right, that works great.  At least as soon as you make use of the
> -u|--hostname <HOSTNAME>  option.  ;-)
> $ man fai
> "This is useful in conjunction with the dirinstall action, where you
> want to manually  define a hostname that should be used for defining
> classes and for the network setup and other stuff."

Poettering (and others) promote /etc/machine-id to be used as a machine
specific identifier. (A more generic version of the D-Bus specific

This may or may not be useful for your scenario. The ID could be created
during machine deployment (dirinstall) and stay the same for the whole
lifetime of the system. (Including possible hostname changes...)

Personally I don't like using the hostname as a machine identifier. It's
possible that two hosts want to use the same hostname. Uniqueness can be
forced by requiring unique hostnames throughout the whole
company/domain/whatever or by relying on the fqdn. But that would
introduce a dependency on the current network configuration. What happens
if the machine is relocated to a different domain? How to identify if it
is still the same machine or a totally different one? How to tell which
domain is used to identify a multi-homed machine?

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