Superfluous RAID1 Member

Michael Tautschnig mt at
Sat Sep 24 09:49:51 CEST 2011

> Hi,
> Testing FAI v3.4.7 install for Debian Squeeze.
> I am seeing the following on everything start up just before grub menu:
> error: superfluous RAID member (2 found).
> Google search suggests that this seems to be a Debian bug. I moved
> swap partition to the end but that didn't help! Is there a
> workaround for FAI?

I wasn't aware of this bug and unfortunately I don't really see how FAI could
possibly work around a bug in grub-pc where not even a fix is known. Still, it
might be useful to try another install of the same host using a disk
configuration without spares. Would that work?

Best regards,

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