Problem partitioning dual-boot

Michael Tautschnig mt at
Sat Sep 24 09:17:19 CEST 2011

Dear John,

> One thing that I've noticed... Sda1 ends on block 5100 and sba2 also
> begins on 5100. That can't be right, can it? Note that on the
> working dual-boot system, sda2 starts on the block number *after*
> the end of sda1.

If you are running FAI 3.4.8 or some experimental version, you might want to add
the align-at option to your disk_config line, which would then be

disk_config disk1 preserve_always:1 bootable:1 align-at:8225280B

to enforce a cylinder-alignment of your non-preserved partitions. Furthermore,
may I ask you to provide a full debug log of setup-storage? To obtain this, you
would need to add export debug=1 to some of your class/*.var files and then
fetch the /tmp/fai/format.log file from your installing client.

> A recap of the problem:
> 1. When I do an FAI install on a Win XP system, I can boot Windows
> XP.  I get a working dual-boot system.
> 2. When I do a plain debian linux install on a Win 7 system, I get a
> working dual-boot system.
> 3. When I do a FAI install on a Win 7 system, the Win 7 system won't
> boot. I can't see the message because I'm blind but it is something
> about the partition being damaged or unbootable.

I'm still pretty puzzled about this problem. I'm short of asking you to hex dump
your master boot record. The only option I do see, and please excuse for asking
about this: are you really sure that the partition is ultimately corrupted and
that it isn't Win 7 saying that it just has to run chkdsk once, but will run
fine afterwards?

Hmm, maybe Windows 7 stores additional information in the MBR? Would you be able
to follow the recovery advice given here:

Best regards,

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