fai-mirror for non-fai-system architectures (bug)

C. V. list-user at backenhoernchen.de
Tue May 17 06:44:31 CEST 2011


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> Hi Michael,
> sorry that I answer this late.
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> > Hi!
> >
> >
> > [...]
> >
> > Thanks a lot for looking into this problem in such detail. It seems
> > that the -a
> > option was not properly implemented at some point. This point,
> > however, remained
> > unclear to me: Which version of FAI are you using? I've looked at
> > the
> > code in
> > current trunk and unfortunately it seems that the patch you
> > described
> > will no
> > longer apply: These parts of the code have been rewritten a while
> > ago.
> > Could you
> > hence please do us a favour: Could you give the experimental
> > packages
> > (current
> > version should be 4.0~beta2+experimental28) a try? It's absolutely
> > possible that
> > these suffer from the same brokenness, but it would be very
> > important
> > to be sure
> > about it.
> I am using the lenny backports Version 3.3.5. That seems to be not the
> newest. I am very busy these days, so I am not able to test it right
> now. It will probably take at least one moth till I have time to test
> it.

I am now migrating to Debian Squeeze. I did not have time to test experimental packages. My time is very limited.
After migrating the first machines to Squeeze, I am really surprised that you told me last time to test the experimental packages. The Version 3.x.x is still stable after all this time and is even in the new release of Debian. Leaving this obvious bug in the current stable release is far from good.
Specially after I just noticed that you updated to a new 3.x stable release, I am really surprised.

I don't really know if anyone noticed the problem at all, because as long as there is a mirror available through network connection, you most likely will not notice this problem.

I really hope you will integrate this patch in you next stable of 3.x and worry about version 4 later.

I corrected fai-mirror for Version 3.4.7 again. The diff is as follows:

--- fai-mirror  2011-05-15 08:31:19.000000000 +0200
+++ fai-mirror.corrected-3.4.7  2011-05-17 06:31:33.000000000 +0200
@@ -301,18 +301,23 @@
 # since Packages.gz from apt-move does not include packages from my
 # repository, let's use apt-ftparchive for generiating correct index
 # files
-pfilegz=$(find $mirrordir/dists -name Packages.gz)
 pfile=$(find $mirrordir/dists -name Packages)
 pdist=$(cd $mirrordir/dists ; ls)
 cd $mirrordir
-# md5sums of apt-move are not valid, when we recreate Packages.gz using
-# apt-ftparchive, but we can use the header of the Release file
-grep -B99 MD5Sum:  $mirrordir/dists/$pdist/Release | grep -v MD5Sum: > $mirrordir/tmpfile
-rm $mirrordir/dists/$pdist/Release
-apt-ftparchive packages pool > $pfile
-gzip -c $pfile > $pfilegz
-apt-ftparchive release dists/$pdist >> tmpfile
-mv tmpfile dists/$pdist/Release
+for pdist_item in $pdist; do
+  # md5sums of apt-move are not valid, when we recreate Packages.gz using
+  # apt-ftparchive, but we can use the header of the Release file
+  grep -B99 MD5Sum:  $mirrordir/dists/$pdist_item/Release | grep -v MD5Sum: > $mirrordir/tmpfile
+  rm $mirrordir/dists/$pdist_item/Release
+  for pfile_item in $pfile; do
+    apt-ftparchive packages pool > $pfile_item
+    gzip -c $pfile_item > ${pfile_item}.gz
+  done
+  apt-ftparchive release dists/$pdist_item >> tmpfile
+  mv tmpfile dists/$pdist_item/Release

 echo "$0 finished."
 echo -n "Mirror size and location: ";du -sh $mirrordir


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