Weird fai-mirror problems

Andreas Heinlein aheinlein at
Mon May 16 14:05:37 CEST 2011

Am 13.05.2011 01:34, schrieb Michael Tautschnig:
> Hi Andreas,
> Not that I could help too much with fai-mirror, but ...
> [...]
>> result. Only deleting aptcache and .apt-move as well and recreating the
>> mirror from scratch helped.
> [...]
> does this actually mean that (1) you updated an existing mirror and (2) the
> problem did not occur again? If so, was there maybe some problem in the initial
> build of the mirror, while not necessarily so in the second run? 

No, the other way round. Create a mirror from scratch - works. Try to
update it - does not work anymore. Tried several times, with different
classes and from different "masters", same result every time.
> Well, and AFAIK
> there is no support for updating an existing mirror. There's only a feature
> request for that one:
Sad to hear that.  I'll be re-creating the mirror from scratch every
time now.

Thanks for your help.


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