How do we make kernel flags permanent

Michael Goetze mgoetze at
Fri May 13 12:40:17 CEST 2011

Hi David,

On 05/13/2011 02:12 AM, David Dreezer wrote:
> My workaround has been to remove the reboot flag as you see in the
> config that I linked to. I will then manually go in, edit
> /etc/default/grub/GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT then reboot the machine,
> but that's not exactly automatic. I could put a script into
> /scripts/LAST for this server class that will sed that into the file for
> me I suppose, but is there a better way? Is there a mechanism in FAI
> that would do this for me, but that I am not seeing? 

Um, that is exactly the classic FAI mechanism for getting things done -
write a script to do it. I don't know by which critera you'd like to
evaluate whether something else is better, but writing scripts is what
FAI is all about.


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