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Wed May 11 11:08:59 CEST 2011

Hi Sylvain,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

> I then tried the experimental version - version 4.0~beta2+experimental60 at the time
> and this worked quite nicely. I then recently rebuilt my NFSROOT with the latest experimental
> version and it now complains about overflow. The behavior is the same whether I use
> preserve_always or preserve_lazy BTW.


I'm pretty sure the problem is that we've been changing the alignment
constraints in 4.0~beta2+experimental* back and forth. I think, back in
experimental60 you would get sector-based alignment with this setup. For
backward compatibility with non-experimental versions, however, this has been
changed to a default of cylinder-based alignment *if partitions are to be
preserved* in later versions, as this was the default for all official releases.

The most accurate way to work around this would be using

disk_config sda bootable:1 align-at:512B

disk_config sdb bootable:1 align-at:512B

Another option would be changing the size of sd{a,b}7: 

disk_config sda bootable:1
primary   /boot      100    ext2   rw,errors=remount-ro
logical   -          4000   -      -
logical   -          2950-   -      -
logical   -          0-     -      -

disk_config sdb bootable:1
primary   -          100    ext2   -
logical   -          4000   -      -
logical   -          2950-   -      -
logical   -          0-     -      -

Hope this helps,

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