proposed patch for make-fai-nfsroot

David Dreezer dave at
Fri Mar 18 19:26:25 CET 2011

I'm starting to doubt myself and think perhaps this would have been better served to put it into my /etc/fai/nfsroot-hooks directory.

Does this satisfy?

# add any 3rd party repository keys that you may need installed into the NFSROOT

if [ -d $cfdir/apt/keys-added ]; then
	$ROOTCMD mkdir /etc/apt/keys-added
	$ROOTCMD echo 'These *.asc files are 3rd party repository keys that have been added by make-fai-nfsroot' >> README.txt

for f in `find -type f -name *.asc $cfdir/apt/keys-added`; do
	cp -Lp $f $NFSROOT/$f
	"cat $f | $ROOTCMD apt-key add -"

And for the man page

       Copy this file to the NFSROOT.
+ /etc/fai/apt/keys-added/*.asc
+	   Repository keys in .asc format found here will be installed into the NFSROOT
       Stamp files used for recovery.

David Dreezer

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