proposed patch for make-fai-nfsroot

David Dreezer dave at
Fri Mar 18 02:34:45 CET 2011

> Oh, right, sorry, I had completely missed that $cfdir wasn't actually a config
> space. So my only concern that remains is: wouldn't the sed command possibly
> remove too much of the string? 

You're right, I was being redundant on the next line, with the cp. I had sed strip the path, then I added it on the very next line. Not efficient at all.
> Yes, after all a man page has a plain text source as well. Just provide some
> patch and I'll try to merge that into experimental ASAP.

I'll write that up this evening once we're settled on the actual code patch :)

> /etc/apt/keys-added-by-m-f-n/

I'm fine with that, though /keys-added/ may be sufficient and would more brief. I'm quibbling, I know. 

> Thanks for all the work and sorry for making such a fuss about a little
> intrusive patch while my changes keep breaking your systems... 
The littlest details make the difference between good and great and I believe that there is no need to apologize for achieving greatness. I'll get off of my soap box now ;)

Can we settle on this?

# add any 3rd party repository keys that you may need installed into the NFSROOT

for f in `find $cfdir/apt/keys-added-by-m-f-n -name *.asc`; do
	"cat $f | $ROOTCMD apt-key add -"


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