New issues with setup storage - disc too small

David Dreezer dave at
Thu Mar 17 03:26:17 CET 2011

I now have     
    293 #  check RAID arrays if there are pre-existing ones
    294   &FAI::push_command("true",
    295     "", "mdadm_startall_examined") if (scalar(keys %FAI::current_raid_config));
    296   foreach my $id (keys %FAI::current_raid_config) {
    297     my $md = "/dev/md$id";
    298     my $pre_deps_cl = "mdad

In addition to the previous "true"

    302         scalar(@{ $FAI::current_dev_children{$md} }));
    303     &FAI::push_command( "true", "$pre_deps_cl", "self_cleared_$md");
    304   }

Logs attached, still no good.

I have to take a break for an hour, it takes that long to commute. It's also late there. shall we resume tomorrow?

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