New issues with setup storage - disc too small

David Dreezer dave at
Thu Mar 17 02:48:38 CET 2011

> But well, I suppose you are rebooting the system for each run,
> so we can't have
> any old processes hanging around. Then it *must* be the RAID doing stupid
> things. May I ask you to perform the following changes?
> - comment out the line in /usr/sbin/setup-storage that does the mdadm-startall
>  call.
Line 146 commented out.
> - comment out the push_command("mdadm --assemble --scan ... around lines 293/294
>  in
> - replace the mdadm --stop stuff that I had asked you to hack by a simple
>  "true".
and done.
> Would that then work out? If so, it's definitively the RAID that is clobbering
> /dev/sdb, but I have no idea why we don't get it released.
No, it did not work. Logs attached.
> Thanks a lot,
> Michael
You're welcome. I can run this as often as you can come up with ideas :)

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