New issues with setup storage - disc too small

Michael Tautschnig mt at
Wed Mar 16 02:54:17 CET 2011

> My apologies.  This truly is the format.log from the last attempt. I don't see a return from the new print line, but you'll see the initialized value errors.

Ah, ok, that issue about uninitialized variables is fixed locally, but that
won't solve your main problem. 

Although that system might be completely corrupted
now, could you send the output of

mdadm --examine --scan --verbose -c partitions

in the current system? It seems that /dev/sdb5 is part of some device, either a
RAID array or an LVM volume if you have such a thing running as well. But the
original call of mdadm --examine didn't show that, maybe things changed after
the mdadm-startall. Yet this doesn't give a good reason why it doesn't work as
at least the arrays md0-md6 have been shut down - are there any other arrays
running? What does cat /proc/mdstat tell?

Thanks a lot,

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