New issues with setup storage - disc too small

David Dreezer dave at
Tue Mar 8 01:34:57 CET 2011

Hi -

Apologies if this indeed did go through earlier today, Our mail server had "issues" this morning :/

We've run into a new issue with the latest version of 4.0 experimental that did not exist in previous versions. After updating to 4.0~beta2+experimental54 from build 48 we're seeing an error that our discs are too small.  We did not edit or change the config file during the upgrade, and the hardware is the same as before.

Our SW_RAID disc config is as has been used successfully for a few months.

Errors in the format.log are 

We successfully installed on this very piece of hardware with this disc config just last week. This is an IDE server, I do not know why the drives are being identified as sda and b and not hda and b, but ultimately I'm not sure that matters. What I am sure of is that the b drive didn't get smaller since last week. :)

Any ideas?

David Dreezer
Customer Advocate, Social Strata, Inc.

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