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Michael Tautschnig mt at
Mon Mar 7 09:37:36 CET 2011

Hi again,

>      Request 3:
>      ~~~~~~~~~~
>      Could
>        TFTPROOT=/home/fai/tftp
>      be the same for squeeze and lenny without hazzle?
This is only about the kernel, and you should definitively be able to use the
same kernel for both distributions, even though it might be necessary to use the
newer one.

> Request 4:
> ~~~~~~~~~
> Could Lenny and Squeeze share the config space, e.g. below
>       /srv/fai/config
> Or are there some changes to make?

Likely there are differences, e.g., in the package lists. Yet you can and should
still share one config space and simply use classes (I used to have ETCH and
LENNY classes) to distinguish the configurations where necessary. Then, in
class/* set up the classes for each host as desired.

Hope this helps,

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