Beginner amd64 server, i386 clients

Frank Lienhard frank at
Wed Dec 7 15:33:12 CET 2011

OK my first FAI attempt.

I have two debian squeeze installations:
-amd64 server
-i386 client (sort of example for future clients)

I currendly have debmirrror running for the local mirror. Meanwhile I'm 
attempint to do a first try with the FAI server and external sources.

I've setup dhcp and installed fai packages on the server, but got 
somewhat lost in the (large amount) of documentation.
fai-setup gives me an error:
"ERROR: debootstrap did not complete successfully"
I guss it's because I forgot to tell fai diffrent arch for the client.

Is the way discribed here:
still valid (including the changes according to squeeze, of course)?


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